Welcome to Moochler Physical Therapy!

At Moochler Physical Therapy, PC our number one priority is the patient.  We provide one on one treatment with a hands-on-approach.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality therapy through individualized treatment plans and patient education.

Our physical therapy services are offered as specialized areas of service with treatment programs that are customized for your particular condition.  Our therapists aim to provide the best possible care as you move through therapy at your own pace.  We believe that our approach means a more pleasant experience during your entire physical therapy service.

Whether you have a minor sprain from your favorite sport, a serious work injury, an accident related to injury, surgery or physical problems caused by aging or other natural conditions, our physical therapists are here to help restore you to the best possible condition.

As a patient, you will see that MPT stands out against other clinics, including physician owned therapy clinics (POPTS).  Our friendly staff makes you feel like family and we are proud to be part of the Auburn medical community.  Call us to learn more about how we can help you with our expert physical therapy services.

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